The Experience

We know that pin up and boudoir can be intimidating and make you feel vulnerable, but baby we got you! Read on to learn all about the process!

1. Okay...So you've looked at our price menu, you've checked out our work on Instagram and Facebook, and you're ready to take the plunge, but now what?

Fill out our booking form and we will email you shortly to start your
consultation and answer any of your burning questions!



2. It's consultation time! What are we going to discuss?

Any photography experience is an investment, and we think it's important we get a clear understanding of what you're looking for out of your session. During your consultation you will let us know what kind of session you're looking for, what your concerns are going into it if any, what the images are for if there is a specific purpose, and any questions you may have. 

We will also discuss what package option will work best for what you want, if you're interested in payment plan options, and available dates and/or times.

3. The consultation is complete, we know what we're doing for your session and we've selected a date. Great, what's the next step?

Nothing is set in stone until you've reviewed and signed our photography contract, and paid your package retainer. You're invoice will also cover what you're booking as well as your payment plan schedule if you've opted in for financing. Your retainer is 50% of whatever Experience you book, but if it's a special package for a limited photoshoot event or modeling workshop this amount can vary. We strive to be very clear in our social media posts advertising for these "off-price menu" opportunities, so you can always refer back to them if you need a refresher on the details. However, if you're still unsure, please do not hesitate to ask about this during your consultation!




4. Awesome! The booking process is done and now it's shoot day. What can you expect?

You made it, and we're so excited to have you!

First you will arrive at the shooting location at your schedule time to begin the hair and makeup process. Usually the shooting location is my in-home studio in Middletown, but on occasion I'll offer sessions off site. Either way I'll send an email a few days before your session to confirm where you'll be traveling, parking information, shoot prep, etc. If you're doing a classic boudoir at a rental studio near my house, we'll still do hair and makeup at my home before traveling 3 minutes down the road to the shooting space.

Hair and makeup is always provided by one of my trusted makeup and hair artists. I've worked with them for years, and they're masters at calming nerves and ensuring you look amazing for your session! 

Additionally we'll pose you from head to toe throughout your session, help you make last minute styling decisions, etc. Don't worry, we're a goofy group of women and are not even the least bit scary. :)


5. Your session is done, and it was awesome! When do you get your images?

You'll receive a proofing gallery of all of your unedited shoot day images via email within 2 weeks of your session. Within your gallery invite there will be a lot of helpful info, such as timeline for your edits, how to purchase additional edits, and instruction on how to select your final images for the package you purchased.

Once your images are done, you'll receive an email letting you know they've been added to your gallery. From there you can download digital copies of your images, as well as purchase professional prints and products! Not to mention, if you'd like your edits submitted to Retro Lovely Magazine or one of their sister publications for guaranteed publication, we can do that as well!


"I cannot say enough great things about Keely as a photographer and an overall human, she is wonderful. From the beginning she makes you feel like you are her number one priority, she is so warm and welcoming and listens to your ideas. She makes you feel and look beautiful! She is lightning fast with getting proofs and edits and responds to emails quickly. I also think her rates are affordable when it comes to the investment, especially for what you get in return. You can tell that she is doing not only what she loves but that she is using her natural talents when she takes your picture."  -Katie 


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"Shooting with Keely is a dream!  She makes me feel like a rockstar every single time I step in front of her camera.  She has a way of making you feel so comfortable during your shoot.  She is so patient when posing and coaching you.  Her makeup artists are also fabulous to work with.  I have worked with Bruja Betty for several shoots and it is never anything short of amazing!" -Abbey