Fall Opportunities!

August 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Long time no post!

I’ve been incredibly busy lately moving into the fall season, which is normal. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, you know that I’ve been working on my Pin Ups in the Upsidedown set for the past month or so. Ruby Redfox and I shot the promo a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been working to book up two Special Event days dedicated to all things Stranger Things. We currently have 1 spot open on 9/25, and about 5 spots open on 10/9 for anyone interested in becoming their favorite Stranger Things character for Halloween. You can click here to grab your spot!

In addition to Stranger Things, we are open to pretty much any and all themes for Halloween! There's so much in my arsenal of props, sets, and costuming that I reccomend you reach out to discuss any ideas you may have.

I would say about once or twice a year I’ll create a set that will involve a lot of planning and construction. Set building has become a huge part of my services. I recently shared this mash up video on TikTok of some of the sets I’ve built over this year and filmed, and I was met with a lot of shock and awe that I actually build my sets, often from scratch. As a theater kid at heart, this is a no brainer, and if I wasn’t limited on space, I’d probably be doing full stage sized productions if I could.

@brujabettypinup Set building is one of my favorite things. #setbuilding #healthadepopit #fyp #photography #photographytiktok #propmaking ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

I was very surprised to learn that many folks thought I bought what I shoot on, paid someone else to make what I use, or that I photoshopped my set pieces in during post processing. While compositing images is sometimes necessary, I for the most part hate photoshopping elements into my images, preferring to use practical effects whenever possible. I know one or two local photographers who do creative conceptual photo manipulations as part of their packages, and they are extraordinary artists and I absolutely am in awe of what they can do. However, when it comes to my work I definitely prefer to get as much in front of the camera as possible so I’m not spending more time than I already am in the editing stage.

That's why with my pin up/fantasy/arial performance work I have no issue with my clients posting unedited images on social media. I know that's super frowned upon in the photography community at large, but honestly I find it flattering that people love my raw images straight out of camera so much that they’re comfortable sharing them. You may see the mess that is my tiny studio room in the background, but if you’re still getting the vibe I consider that a win. Also, in general I think we should be more comfortable sharing ourselves unedited, but that’s a subject for another time.

Set building and concept creation is such a pivotal part of my work, and I often think people aren’t always comfortable using their imagination when it comes to what they could be for a session with me. You’re not actually limited on what I currently have if you opt for a custom set package, so let your imagination go wild! I’m more than able to reign things in where they need to be, but I would love to invite more folks into the world of custom set creation. You can find out more about this here!



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