Disney Themed Sessions for Retro Lovely

February 23, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I wanted to quickly touch base in more detail about Disney themed sessions for the Retro Lovely special edition due at the end of May. I've touched on this here and there on Instagram, and in posts where I talk about my "Fill My May" 10% off regular sessions sale, and I've had people ask for more information. Honestly, it's pretty simple!

1. Figure out what package you want to purchase by checking out our 2022 Price Menu linked here. Once you determine that, shoot me an email by visiting my contact page here on my website! Remember, as long as you schedule your session in May, you get 10% off your regular priced package.

2. Some people know what character they want to be right off the bat, and some people need help narrowing it down. Depending on the package you choose, you can do one or multiple characters. If you have a vision let me know! However, if you're still trying to narrow it down, come up with 3-5 characters that you really like and we'll determine together what will be the most doable for your session based off costuming and set needs. Character's can be from classic Disney animation or live action films, or the Star Wars and Marvel universe. Pretty much any Disney property is fair game.

3. We're not going for outright cosplay here, so we're going to try to keep the styling more pin up inspired. That said, if you already have a cosplay costume for a specific Disney character, definitely feel free to bring it. Usually just pairing pieces with some of the items in my client wardrobe can make it look more vintage. I do have a lot of props and what not from my Disney Playboy Bunny series, but bare in mind i might not have everything and you maybe tasked with bringing in select costumes or props.

And that's it! The "Fill my May" sale will only run until the end of March, so be sure to book your session now before all dates are filled!



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