What is a Special Event and how can I take advantage?

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Hello all!

It's been a minute, but I as we move through the busy season I wanted to give an in depth explanation about one of our most popular offerings- Special Event Days.

So what are they? Do you ever scroll through IG or FB and see one of the photographers you follow offering mini sessions? These are usually greatly discounted super short sessions at a specific location to get quick family photos during specific times of the year. You get less, but you save some money if you're just looking for something inexpensive. 
From our "Pin Ups in the Upsidedown" Stranger Things Special Event days in September/October 2022

Mini sessions don't really work the same in the pin up/cosplay/conceptional photography world. Unlike a lot of other forms of photography, in order for a pin up session to be truly successful, you need production value. Yes, you could remove the professional hair and makeup, wardrobe, and do a really simple set, but honestly, what's the fun in that? Personally I felt like I would be removing a huge part of the experience by taking away all of those perks from my clients, and producing work that is subpar. Mini sessions in the traditional sense felt wrong in my studio, so I worked with my team to develop a different type of savings opportunity for my clients in the form Special Event days.

From our Mermaid Special event day Summer of 2022

So how do these work, you ask? Special Event days are essentially marathon shooting days on a single premium set. Often these sets are built by me to go along with an upcoming holiday, or a special edition of Retro Lovely or its sister publications. You do not have to opt in to the publication in order to book these Special Event sessions! Because we are able to schedule multiple people during the day on one set, we are able to offer sessions booked on Special Event days at deeply discounted rates. AND you're not losing anything. You still get all the perks of our base level package (full hair and makeup, you bring an outfit, use of any extra props, 8 edited images, and use of a premium set) at a $150-$250 discount off the original package price. You still get the same amount of time, so you're not rushed, and full head to toe pose coaching. Honestly, they're super fun, and you often get to meet new cool people as you pass each other between sessions.  

Where do we announce these special events? Primarily on social media! Make sure you follow us on IG @brujabettypinup or on Facebook to stay up to date, as these special event days fill up quickly since there is a limited number of spots.


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