Bruja Betty Pin up: Blog en-us (C) Bruja Betty Pin up (Bruja Betty Pin up) Thu, 09 Feb 2023 17:46:00 GMT Thu, 09 Feb 2023 17:46:00 GMT Bruja Betty Pin up: Blog 80 120 April Boudoir Workshop and Columbus, OH Special Event If you follow me on social media (which *hint hint*, you totally should-links will be at the end) then you have probably already seen the two major things that will be happening come Spring. However, if you prefer to get your news and updates from the blog, here are all the details about our first travel special event and our workshop happening in April:


I will be traveling to the lovely city of Columbus, OH to offer a very limited special event day at a super cool, very colorful, maximalist Airbnb content house near the downtown area. Just as reminder, our Special Event days are sort of like a mini-session, but not really. Normally mini-sessions mean you get less for less, but in our case we offering all of the great benefits of our base package at a steep discount. Shooting multiple people through the day is what justifies the discounted price for us, and we're happy to make this luxury experience accessible at this unique location!

  • Includes hair and makeup
  • Choice between pin up or classic boudoir for styling
  • You bring one outfit (you have the option to add on an additional outfit for $75)
  • Pick of multiple, beautifully staged bedrooms, a living room, bathrooms, and a kitchen (see photos) to shoot
  • 8 edited images of your choice
  • Optional guaranteed publication into Retro Lovely or one of their sister publications depending on the styling
  • Investment is $450 ($200 savings) with only a $125 retainer to book your spot. Flexible financing is available to pay the final balance.





We'll be back at it in our home-base of Middletown, OH offering another awesome workshop with local professional model extraordinaire, Cortney Maylee! This time it will be completely focused on boudoir modeling, and to top it off, we'll be utilizing the beautiful Society studio from Lion & Ram in downtown Middletown. This space is HUGE, and offers an abundance of different settings to suit any boudoir vibe. Through our workshops our clientele have been able t to take better creative control of their photoshoot experience, learned how to flow with confidence during their session, which ultimately yields more quality photos! If you've been interested in pursuing modeling as a hobby, want to get into it professionally, or just want to learn how to take better spicy photos of yourself to boost your self-esteem, a modeling workshop is perfect for everyone. Here are some additional details:

  • Modeling workshops are ALL DAY events that we greatly encourage you to stay for the duration to get the full experience. 
  • Light refreshments will be provided (I make a mean charcuterie board!)
  • Bring 2 outfits! Normally we only allow 1 for a modeling workshops, but there's so much opportunity in this space that we don't want to limit anyone.
  • There will be a discussion and demonstration from Cortney where she shows you some very valuable tips and tricks on how to create your own modeling flow in a boudoir setting.
  • Meet new, like-minded people in a very safe, woman focused environment. Everyone is always so encouraging during workshops, which makes them absolutely magical!
  • A boudoir session of your own with full pose coaching from Cortney so you really get to apply what you've learned, while getting guidance from a pro
  • Hair and makeup styling by Cortney
  • 15 edited images of your choice
  • Optional guaranteed publication into Godiva magazine
  • Investment is $700 with just a 30% retainer to book your spot. As always, flexible financing is available.

Our Special events and Workshops due qualify for client referral program, so if you invite a friend that books one of these events, you and that friend will get a $200 credit to use towards a future session!

Both of these events can be booked via the booking tab here on, as well as any other session you maybe interested in!


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Introducing our Client Appreciation & Referral Program

Hey hey Betties!

We are fortunate to have so many wonderful returning clients and that book time and time again. Honestly, we would not be able to do what we do without your loyalty to our little studio. We also love when you bring new folks into our studio space to get the BBPU experience! To say thank you, starting 10/31/2022 we will be enacting a client appreciation and referral program!

How will it work?

- Earn credit towards future sessions by booking at least 2 regular priced sessions a year. For every two sessions you book in a calendar year, you get $250 gift certificate to use on a future session.*

-For every friend you refer to our studio who books a session, you both get a $200 gift certificate to use on a future session.**

How do you credit?

We'll track your sessions for you, and issue you your credit after your second regular priced session of the year is completed. 

If you know a friend or family member you know would love to BBPU experience, have them mention you by name when they're filling out our Booking Form.

*Only regular priced session can go towards the client appreciation $250 credit, and excludes booking of already discounted Special Event sessions. All credit issued is for use on future regular priced sessions only and can not be used on discounted sessions such as Special Event days.

**Friends or Family must book and complete a session within calendar year in order to be eligible for referral credit. This session can be a Special Event or regular priced session. All credit issued is for use on future regular priced sessions only and can not be used on discounted sessions such as Special Event days.

Other Terms and Conditions apply.

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What is a Special Event and how can I take advantage? Hello all!

It's been a minute, but I as we move through the busy season I wanted to give an in depth explanation about one of our most popular offerings- Special Event Days.

So what are they? Do you ever scroll through IG or FB and see one of the photographers you follow offering mini sessions? These are usually greatly discounted super short sessions at a specific location to get quick family photos during specific times of the year. You get less, but you save some money if you're just looking for something inexpensive. 
From our "Pin Ups in the Upsidedown" Stranger Things Special Event days in September/October 2022

Mini sessions don't really work the same in the pin up/cosplay/conceptional photography world. Unlike a lot of other forms of photography, in order for a pin up session to be truly successful, you need production value. Yes, you could remove the professional hair and makeup, wardrobe, and do a really simple set, but honestly, what's the fun in that? Personally I felt like I would be removing a huge part of the experience by taking away all of those perks from my clients, and producing work that is subpar. Mini sessions in the traditional sense felt wrong in my studio, so I worked with my team to develop a different type of savings opportunity for my clients in the form Special Event days.

From our Mermaid Special event day Summer of 2022

So how do these work, you ask? Special Event days are essentially marathon shooting days on a single premium set. Often these sets are built by me to go along with an upcoming holiday, or a special edition of Retro Lovely or its sister publications. You do not have to opt in to the publication in order to book these Special Event sessions! Because we are able to schedule multiple people during the day on one set, we are able to offer sessions booked on Special Event days at deeply discounted rates. AND you're not losing anything. You still get all the perks of our base level package (full hair and makeup, you bring an outfit, use of any extra props, 8 edited images, and use of a premium set) at a $150-$250 discount off the original package price. You still get the same amount of time, so you're not rushed, and full head to toe pose coaching. Honestly, they're super fun, and you often get to meet new cool people as you pass each other between sessions.  

Where do we announce these special events? Primarily on social media! Make sure you follow us on IG @brujabettypinup or on Facebook to stay up to date, as these special event days fill up quickly since there is a limited number of spots.

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Fall Opportunities! Long time no post!

I’ve been incredibly busy lately moving into the fall season, which is normal. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, you know that I’ve been working on my Pin Ups in the Upsidedown set for the past month or so. Ruby Redfox and I shot the promo a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been working to book up two Special Event days dedicated to all things Stranger Things. We currently have 1 spot open on 9/25, and about 5 spots open on 10/9 for anyone interested in becoming their favorite Stranger Things character for Halloween. You can click here to grab your spot!

In addition to Stranger Things, we are open to pretty much any and all themes for Halloween! There's so much in my arsenal of props, sets, and costuming that I reccomend you reach out to discuss any ideas you may have.

I would say about once or twice a year I’ll create a set that will involve a lot of planning and construction. Set building has become a huge part of my services. I recently shared this mash up video on TikTok of some of the sets I’ve built over this year and filmed, and I was met with a lot of shock and awe that I actually build my sets, often from scratch. As a theater kid at heart, this is a no brainer, and if I wasn’t limited on space, I’d probably be doing full stage sized productions if I could.

@brujabettypinup Set building is one of my favorite things. #setbuilding #healthadepopit #fyp #photography #photographytiktok #propmaking ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

I was very surprised to learn that many folks thought I bought what I shoot on, paid someone else to make what I use, or that I photoshopped my set pieces in during post processing. While compositing images is sometimes necessary, I for the most part hate photoshopping elements into my images, preferring to use practical effects whenever possible. I know one or two local photographers who do creative conceptual photo manipulations as part of their packages, and they are extraordinary artists and I absolutely am in awe of what they can do. However, when it comes to my work I definitely prefer to get as much in front of the camera as possible so I’m not spending more time than I already am in the editing stage.

That's why with my pin up/fantasy/arial performance work I have no issue with my clients posting unedited images on social media. I know that's super frowned upon in the photography community at large, but honestly I find it flattering that people love my raw images straight out of camera so much that they’re comfortable sharing them. You may see the mess that is my tiny studio room in the background, but if you’re still getting the vibe I consider that a win. Also, in general I think we should be more comfortable sharing ourselves unedited, but that’s a subject for another time.

Set building and concept creation is such a pivotal part of my work, and I often think people aren’t always comfortable using their imagination when it comes to what they could be for a session with me. You’re not actually limited on what I currently have if you opt for a custom set package, so let your imagination go wild! I’m more than able to reign things in where they need to be, but I would love to invite more folks into the world of custom set creation. You can find out more about this here!


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Cottagecore Special Event- Mushie Love! 7/24/2022 We are back!

After taking a break in April for our wedding and honeymoon, I have returned back to work and I’ve created a very cute new set for this summer. This will also be our first special event announcement for the season!

Introducing the new Mushie Love set! This set is for all of your cottagecore fantasy dreams. Styling for this set is super versatile; be a fairy, a little 70s wood nymph like Ruby is here, or even do something goofy like a Mario themed session.


Ruby and I will be hosting a special event for this set on Sunday, July 24, 2022 at the special event rate of $400 ($175 savings).  Bring an outfit, full hair and makeup provided, 8 edited images and optional submission to Retro Lovely magazine for guaranteed publication. Only $100 non-refundable deposit due at booking to secure your spot at this special rate, plus take advantage of our payment plans!

As always, email to book or shoot us a message through our contact page.


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Disney Themed Sessions for Retro Lovely I wanted to quickly touch base in more detail about Disney themed sessions for the Retro Lovely special edition due at the end of May. I've touched on this here and there on Instagram, and in posts where I talk about my "Fill My May" 10% off regular sessions sale, and I've had people ask for more information. Honestly, it's pretty simple!

1. Figure out what package you want to purchase by checking out our 2022 Price Menu linked here. Once you determine that, shoot me an email by visiting my contact page here on my website! Remember, as long as you schedule your session in May, you get 10% off your regular priced package.

2. Some people know what character they want to be right off the bat, and some people need help narrowing it down. Depending on the package you choose, you can do one or multiple characters. If you have a vision let me know! However, if you're still trying to narrow it down, come up with 3-5 characters that you really like and we'll determine together what will be the most doable for your session based off costuming and set needs. Character's can be from classic Disney animation or live action films, or the Star Wars and Marvel universe. Pretty much any Disney property is fair game.

3. We're not going for outright cosplay here, so we're going to try to keep the styling more pin up inspired. That said, if you already have a cosplay costume for a specific Disney character, definitely feel free to bring it. Usually just pairing pieces with some of the items in my client wardrobe can make it look more vintage. I do have a lot of props and what not from my Disney Playboy Bunny series, but bare in mind i might not have everything and you maybe tasked with bringing in select costumes or props.

And that's it! The "Fill my May" sale will only run until the end of March, so be sure to book your session now before all dates are filled!


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Photoshoot Etiquette - Part 1 Long time no blog…

Some things have been happening around me (not necessarily to me) and it feels like a good time to come up with a list of things to do and what not to do before, during, and after your photo session. This is particularly important for models and clients who are interested in getting published. While the pin up, boudoir, and alternative modeling world is a very casual environment, there is some decorum that is expected in how we behave and handle certain situations.

The Do’s:

  • Prompt communication is always appreciated in any profession, however even more so, clear communication is equally if not more important. If you have a vision for your session or if you do not like an idea that is presented, it is your responsibility to communicate that to your photographer to the best of your abilities. As much as we all wish we were, photographers are not mind readers. Adjacent to this, research your photographers before you book them. Make sure you like their style, and don’t assume that they can create a whole new style or shoot a different way just because that’s what you expect. Like any artist, you’re hiring them because you love their work and you want them to do what they do best. Pay attention to how they edit, light, and compose things if you can, as well as how people are styled by the hair and makeup artists on staff. This will be a good indicator of what you can expect from your session.

  • Most photographers will reach out close to the date of your session to confirm everything is good to go. Make sure you confirm that you’ve heard from them so they know to expect you. 

  • A prompt arrival is greatly appreciated, and if you’re running behind, reaching out to let the photographer know is always a best practice. On days when I have multiple clients, while rare there’s always a chance that we will fall behind by a few minutes especially if folks aren’t arriving on time. We can make up as much time as we can in front of the camera, but arriving when you are meant to will obviously ensure that you are not taking time away from any of the other clients throughout the day. 

  • Respect the space that you’re in! Whether it’s a stand alone studio building, or if your photographer works out of their home, make sure you’re being respectful of your photographer and makeup/hair person’s work area. Respect also means not coming to your session feeling unwell, especially since we are still in COVID times. 

  • After your session, make sure you understand the editing timeline and let your photographer have their timeline to do their job. If you don’t know the timeline, always feel free to ask respectfully, and keep in mind you’re most likely not the only client they’re working on and that we all have lives outside of our work that need our attention. If you need images by a certain date, make sure you communicate that before you book your session!

  • Generally most photographers and makeup and hair stylists will have their social media handles readily available, so be sure you are tagging them in any posts you create using their images! Word of mouth is how most of us get new clientele, so we always appreciate a shout out and credit!


The Don'ts: 


  • Please do not arrive more than a few minutes late and expect the photographer to still be able to do your session that day. Even if there are no other clients after you, a photographer or makeup/hair person may not be able to take you due to commitments outside of work. It’s not good to assume that people are available to you 24/7.

  • Don’t assume you get copyrights to your images. It’s important to understand what is included with your package. If you have questions about the services and products you get from a photo package, it’s important that you ask them so you have a clear understanding of what you’re getting. Copyrights that allow you to use your images however you want outside of personal use, as well as allowing you to edit them is not something that most photographers allow, and generally speaking can cost thousands of dollars. Most packages give you personal use and print permissions only.

  • Along the lines listed above, do not edit your images without getting permission from your photographer. It is your responsibility to voice any concerns you may have with your images to your photographer to allow them the opportunity to fix things if it is indeed something they can do within the parameters of their services. If what you're asking goes beyond the boundaries of what is included with your package, be prepared to pay an additional fee to cover the work involved with your requests. Once again, ensure you are researching your photographers before you book them to make sure you like the work they do on a regular basis. 

  • Do not steal wardrobe and props. Most of the time, people don’t intentionally do this and do a good job of returning a hair flower or whatever they may have accidentally walked away with. However, knowingly taking something other than bobby pins and eyelashes without permission is theft, and depending on the item if it’s worth more than $1,000 could be felonious theft. 

  • If you think you may have damaged something in the studio space that you’re in, please say something. Very few things are more disrespectful than breaking a small business owner’s things and then hiding it from them.

  • Sometimes you may have to reschedule. Make sure you do it in a timely manner and try to keep it within the month that you originally scheduled. If you have to move something to a completely different month, you could be messing up that photographer’s income planning for that month. Please be prepared to pay a rescheduling fee. 

  • Do not book something impulsively and be unprepared to pay the balance due. We’d rather have to wait years to work with you so that you can save up to book a package, than have you book now and flake out on the bill once reality sets in. Most photographers are also willing to work with you if you need to arrange a payment plan, so never feel bad for asking!

  • Do not bring someone else with you to your shoot without letting the photographer know first. As a woman, I definitely understand wanting to bring for safety and support reasons. However, I also want any other clients, my hair and makeup people, and myself to feel safe and comfortable as well on your session day. Please discuss any additional guests with your photographer before you arrive to ensure everything is kosher.

  • Lastly, if you and your photographer discuss submitting your images to a publication, make sure you both agree on what publication(s) and that you’re getting all of the permissions from your photographer (i.e. photo releases) to submit your photos to each publication. Also, make sure you’re abiding by the rules of whatever publication you’re submitting to, such as not submitting already published photos, not sharing images online before publication, etc.

And this is already getting super long, so let's just leave it at that for now! I’ll probably touch on this subject again in the future.

Stay safe everyone!

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Modeling Workshop March 2022 Hey hey Betties!


I'm so excited to announce our 2022 workshop and theme with Cortney Baun! This year, we're going to be focusing on pin up style sexy boudoir. 


If you’re not familiar with our modeling workshops, they are seminars that we introduced in 2020 that focuses on creating a supportive learning experience for budding models. Cortney Baun is not only a successful internationally published pin up model herself, she has been a staple within the pin up industry as a whole for the past 10 years. She provides a wealth of helpful information for prospective models, and we cover a lot of valuable info during this all day event.


Some of the topics we will be covering this time around:


  • Sexy face work! Have you ever just been perplexed how to nail that sensual, bedroom eyes look when you’re doing a more provocative photo session? Cortney has got it covered!
  • Posing with furniture and props, and making the most of your set!
  • Publication
  • Working with photographers and photoshoot etiquette.
  • Photoshoot safety
  • Hair and makeup
  • Outfit planning
  • and much more!


We also found that being in a room of women on the same modeling journey allows for you all to share stories with each other and shared experiences that create a camaraderie in an industry that has the potential to not always be super friendly.

In addition to the seminar piece of the workshop, Cortney will be doing hair and makeup on everyone, as well as coaching you through a short photo session which will be a mid-century modern living room set! On hand for the day for your use we will have my collection of high end dressing gowns to add to whatever outfit you decide to bring. Ideal things to bring would be a wonderful lingerie set, a wiggle dress, or silky nighty! This is going to be a combination of boudoir with pin up styling so check out some vintage reproduction brands such as What Katie Did, Playful Promises, etc. for some outfit inspirations! From your shoot you will get 8 edited images that I can submit for you to Retro Lovely magazine or one of their sister publications. As a partner studio, I am able to guaranteed publication!



As if all that wasn’t enough, we will be providing gif bags with some helpful modeling kit essentials, and light refreshments.


This awesome opportunity to learn from one of the best pin up models out there is going to take place at Castle Morningstar in Dayton, Ohio on March 19th, 2022. Again, this is an all day event that will run from 11am to 7pm so please plan accordingly. 


The fee for this event $600 per person with a $100 deposit to book. The final balance must be paid by the day of the workshop, but can be broken up into payments for your convenience! 


As always, if you have any additional questions, please reach out via our contact page here on our website!


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Custom Set Design- The Wrestling Ring  This year I had the pleasure of designing, building, and shooting this wrestling ring pin up set for our client Laura as a gift for her partner's 40th birthday this December. Laura came heavily prepared with what wrestlers she wanted to portray (Rick Flair, Macho Man Randy Savage, Alexa Bliss, and The Ultimate Warrior) and fully committed to not only curating the perfect wardrobe for those characters, but portraying those characters accurately in front the camera, which made that part of my job super easy. The tricky part was designing a wrestling ring that could easily be taken a part, stored, and thrown together in the small studio room that I shoot out of in my 1922 home.

I decided that a corner would probably be the most recognizable part of the ring without having to photoshop a ton of other indicators into the background. I’d rather keep photoshopping to an absolute minimum, so making sure the majority of the elements of an image are in front the camera when the photo is shot is essential for me. I knew that the final image was going to be pretty simple, but the logistics of figuring out how to put this ring together was going to be a challenge.

I did my usually little “Blue’s Clues” looking sketch on my computer (which unfortunately I don’t have anymore),  went to Lowe’s and just started looking for bits and bobs that I thought my work. For the main post, I landed on using an 8inch wide, thick cardboard, cement tube. I believe these are mainly used to help with putting in fence posts and other braces that need to be secured with concrete in the ground, but there were a couple size options in the cement aisle. For the ropes i used a combination of foam tubing used to insulate plumbing, some extra half inch PVC pipe I had in my basement, and duct tape. With help from my own partner, I took some PVC pipe corner brackets, and secured those to the cardboard tube with a piece of wood on the inside to add some extra support, and some long bolts. The “ropes” easily could be fit into the PVC corner brackets, which we camouflaged by adding corner “pads” made of some foam I found at Joanne’s, and some extra black semi-shiny fabric we had in the house already. Since “ropes” weren’t connected to another corner of a ring on the opposite end, I just used some extra light stands I had in my studio to support them so they stood out straight.



I’m sure all of that was very confusing, but I hope you could follow along. Of course on the day, Laura brought the energy needed to make this whole thing work! 

In addition to the ring, we also utilized a simple blue background to recreate this iconic interview with Macho Man Randy Savage. For this I built a classic WWE microphone, and found an excessive amount of Slim Jims. Weirdly, I'm assuming because of recent supply chain issues, everywhere was sold out of these little meat sticks, so I paid a bit of a premium to get 240 of them off Amazon, but again...worth it.

Laura made that fringe on  that amazing jacket by the way! How freaking cool is that?


And that's pretty much it! I plan on reusing this wrestling set in the future for anyone who wants to recreate one of their favorite wrestlers as a pin up cosplay, or maybe I'll repurpose it as a boxing set, who knows!  Custom set packages start at $800, but final price is dependent on what you are looking for.
If you are interested in doing your own custom session, shoot me an email through the contact page here on my website! I'd love to discuss your vision!


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A Dissertation on Plus Size Style While it may not seem like it, this is photography adjacent.


When the pandemic initially hit in March of 2020, I was working for an non-profit during the week, and doing photography primarily on the weekends. We moved to a completely remote way of work like many companies and organizations, and slowly but surely I started wearing a uniform of sweatpants and sweatshirt (or t-shirts depending on the weather). Prior to this upheaval of daily life, I enjoyed dressing up, but as a plus size person struggled to find things that were cut for my body type and in keeping with current trends.

A lot of the big-dog plus size retailers don't actually produce clothing pieces that are in keeping with current trends. In fact, many of the silhouettes, patterns, and design choices are based on things that were popular 10 or 15 years ago. Think about it- how many plus size tops do you see with unnecessary cold shoulder cut outs, weird 80s reproduction designs, or strangely placed "corset" cording on the sleeves or chest? What could have been a sleek and on trend basic, turns into a caricature of a design that would have actually dressed a fat body well. What does this tell fat women about their body and it's place within the fashion community? And what does this tell us when our main retailers such as Lane Bryant and Torrid serve us these same blocky, unflattering designs that do nothing to highlight the glory of our corporal forms?

I've been living in sweatpants almost exclusively for 2 years. Recently, I felt inspired to upgrade my personal wardrobe and I'd thought I'd share my discoveries with you all, as well as some brands that I love carrying in my client wardrobe because they are size inclusive. When I started to really build my client wardrobe, as a plus size woman myself it was important that I found lingerie pieces that were luxurious and visually interesting. As many of my other plus size babes will know, lingerie made for our bra sizes in big box stores and even specialized lingerie stores like Victoria’s Secret are significantly under designed compared to the more straight sized sets. I think we've all walked into the lingerie section of a store looking for that beautiful, lacy balconette in our cup and band size only to be met with a beige monstrosity with a bow tacked to the middle to make it "pretty".  Disappointing to say the least. So here are some brands I’ve been loving:


AveryRobe by Dottie Delights Bodysuit from Playful Promises


Playful Promises- This is my general go to for some beautiful and unique lingerie pieces. They carry a slew of different brands with decent size selections, but their Gabbi Fresh, Playful Promise brand, and Felicity Hayward collection have the best selection for plus size women. I LOVE lingerie which is why it’s my primary offering in my client wardrobe, and I can almost always find something spectacular at Playful Promises. Other brands that they carry that I love are Dita von Teese,  Bettie Page Lingerie, Rigalia, and Wolf and Whistle.

What Katie Did- I don’t shop here very often for lingerie or clothing because they only go up to a size 22/40F which isn’t truly size inclusive, but they do have the best thigh highs I’ve ever worked with. Their “curvy” size is actually great for larger thighs! My legs are exceptionally thick, so generally if it fits my thigh than it will fit anyone. Not only do they have a relatively durable design with a great plus size option, they also do a long version which has been great for my super leggy clients.  Also their color selection is really impressive.

Catherine D’lish- Okay I know, super expensive, but my god is it worth the price. The quality is unparalleled, and I can’t tell you how many of my clients instantly feel like a goddess as soon as they throw on one of these lux dressing gowns. They are definitely investment pieces, but if  you need a little pick me up while you’re working from home, wearing a D’lish robe is kind of the way to go. The coveted Cassandra dressing gown made of high quality maribou feathers and sheer english netting have literally fit every person that I’ve put in them. The satin Beverly’s, which are honestly my favorite, are pretty roomy, but go up to about a 4xl. 

Corset Story- because of the sale they do pretty much all the time where you can buy 3-5 for one, I have a ton of corsets in a plethora of sizes because of Corset Story. I don’t think they’re the most high quality of corsets, but they’re certainly great for a photoshoot, costume, or just wearing as a fashion piece. I also love using them for special crafting projects! I probably have at least a 100 or so corsets in my wardrobe from this store and I’ve found them super useful. If you’re looking to break into corsettery, this is a great first step.

Dottie Delights- oh how I love these delicate beauties! I have a couple lingerie pieces in my client wardrobe from this vintage reproduction company, and a couple tulle robes. When I say delicate, I mean it, but it doesn’t mean they lack quality by any means. Their pieces look like they came straight out of a Gil Elvgren painting, which is what makes them so stunning. Again, the robes have fit everyone that I’ve put them on, and because of the material they use with most of their pieces there has been a reasonable amount of stretch. They go up to a size 5xl according to their website.

AveryRobe by Catherine D'Lish Lingerie from Playful Promises

Now if you’re looking for more everyday fabulousness, these are some places I’ve been purchasing from to curate my personal wardrobe. Now, please bare in mind that I don’t wear pin up clothing. Circle skirts are not my thing, but some of these places do carry that type of thing if that’s what you’re into.


ELOQUII- Excuse me, why hasn’t anyone told me about this website? I would see ads for it all the time on my social media, but only just recently checked it out, and I’m so very excited. If you want trendy, edgy clothing cut for a plus size body, this is your place.  I’ve been trying to take more risks with my fashion choices, and this site has really helped me get inspired. So far, I’ve only had to return one item. Tragically it was a pair of slim fitting, olive green pleather pants that were just too small in the calves.  That said, everything else has fit like a dream, including skinny jeans which can be a problem for me with  my thick calves! Even Torrid would fail me constantly in the jeans department, but I’ve been so pleased with ELOQUII. Other highlights from this brand have been a boned, velvet, puffed long sleeve crop top, a pair of super flair high waisted jeans, a brown pleather top, and the softest, sleekest knit black turtle neck ever. They go up to a size 28 according to their website.

The Bombshell  Boutique- I found this shop via a plus size influencer on Tin Tok of all places, but their giving me life! If you want bold prints that aren’t skulls and stars, this is your place. I’m also pretty sure this is a black owned clothing brand. Many of the patterns are African inspired, and so far the maxi skirt and wide legged pants I purchased are stunning. I look forward to buying more statement pieces from this super fun brand! According to their website they go up to a 3xl.

Unique Vintage- I considered adding this to my client wardrobe suggestions, but honestly I purchase mostly things for my personal wardrobe from this website. They go up to a size 5xl I believe in their UV collection. If you want something more vintage inspired, this is a great go-to of mine. Yes, they have your classic pin up dress silhouette, but I’m a big fan of their pants and tops. 

Pin Up Girl Clothing- Another one I thought about adding to my client wardrobe suggestion, but I really mostly buy stuff for myself from this old classic. Again, I don’t buy their pin up dresses, but I am obsessed with the Clarice Coat and Amalie Ballerina maxi dresses. While they do sometimes offering basic colors, they’re mostly known for the bold prints that they offer. I actually wore an Amalie maxi dress for my engagement photoshoot last year. Most of their dresses and skirts also have pockets, which is pretty awesome! According to their website, it looks like they go up to a 4xl.

Antrhopologie- I know, expensive, but in a lot of their brands I can fit into their straight sizes, plus they have a decent size plus size section now. I've always loved Anthro's clothing but i've only recently gotten to the point where I can *sometimes* nab a piece for a reasonable amount. I have a dress or two that I"m quite fond of. Their pieces are great for layering and creating more texture on days when I want to still be edgy but more...natural instead of street? Anyway, worth checking out if you have the budget.


And that’s pretty much it for right now. My hope is that as plus size bodies become more main stream and accepted we’ll see even more offerings for us in the fashion industry. If you are plus size, I hope this list was helpful and inspires you to take more risks with your fashion. If more of us create a demand for actually on trend clothing options, we’ll sway the fashion industry to listen to us as we are huge market opportunity. If you have a brand that I didn’t list that you love, let me know! I’d love to discover new places to shop either for myself or clients!


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Special Event Alert: Valentine's day/Anti-Valentine's Day Believe it or not, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite times of year. I love the aesthetic, and I think any kind of love is a splendid thing to celebrate. Even when I was a single person, Valentine's Day was just a cute way to show those around me that they were/are important to me. Not to mention when Leslie Knope introduced Galentine's Day to us all in 2010, and I was in brunch Heaven!

Now I know not everyone shares my love for Valentine's Day, which was made evident to me when a ton of you reached out to me about what I was doing for the Anti-Valentine's Day special edition of Retro Lovely magazine that the editor just introduced for this upcoming year. Honestly, I wasn't super stoked on it, just because of my own bias towards the day. However, when I changed my frame of mind to doing something kind of creepy and weird a la Halloween in February, the ideas started flowing! After all, last year for Valentine's Day I did do an Addams Family session at Castle Morningstar in Dayton, and there wasn't anything overtly cute about that.

Since I love taking things dark, sexy, and moody, we're going to be hosting a one day special event on 1/22/2022 for our Anti-Valentine's Day lovers! The theme is going to be Anti-Cupid, or Succubus Cupid as I like to imagine it. I've ordered a few key pieces for this session, including an elven/Chinese style bow (because screw those baby bows), for which I'll be making special broken heart arrows, and these super cool bat wings:




Now, because I am still a lover of all things regular Valentine's Day, there will still be a cute and sexy, more on brand special event for the regular Valentine's Day special edition of Retro Lovely. I loved this set that we came up with last year with our good friend and client, Virginia Slim. It was deeply inspired by a classic Playboy session, so we're calling this set offering Playboy Valentine's Day, and it will be available on 1/8/2022. This can go as just a cute lingerie set like Virginia is wearing here, a classic satin sheets look a la Marilyn Monroe, or a classic Playboy Bunny look. We have tons of lingerie, body suites, and bunny ears available for any of these looks, or you can bring your own costume.

Both of these sessions will be at the discounted Special Event rate of $400 with $100 deposit due at booking, which will include makeup and hair, use of props and wardrobe (one look), 8 edited images of your choice, and guaranteed publication into either the Valentine's Day or Anti-Valentine's Day special edition of Retro Lovely magazine. If you want to save some money and book both days, you can do so for even more of a discount at $750 with a $200 deposit due at booking.

If you're interested in either or both sessions, shoot me an email through our contact page!


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Why Pin Up/Boudoir/Fantasy/Nakey? Fair warning, I'm not a great writer...

Hi, i'm Keely of Bruja Betty Pin Up. If you've read my About Me section than you know a little bit of who I am and my philosophy around this special niche of photography.

Around 2010, I was just stepping into the pin up world as it began to really take on a new life in the modern world. Prior to that year, I had piddled around in more traditional photography, starting as early as 16 years old. As of writing this, I am currently 33 years old which means I've had a camera in my hand for more than half of my life. However, as gargantuan of a time that may feel, I feel like I didn't really step into my own until 2010 when I did a pin up/action shoot at Femme Fatale Fitness with my now sister in law who was the new owner at the time. 

There's a great many reasons why pin up became my calling- theatre kid from a theatre household, loved old Hollywood films, super into Erte (not pin up, but adjacent), and lover of old things- but the thing that really resonated with me was the inclusivity, particularly for women of different sizes. Despite my mother's best efforts, I grew up with poor body image like most women and girls. I wasn't really considered plus size until I hit 22 years old and my hormonal issues took hold, but I still didn't like my body. Pin up magazines were the first time I saw women who looked like me or bigger than me presented as confident, gorgeous, sexy creatures that were celebrated! I just thought it was the best thing in the world, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Flash forward 11 years, and I get to spread that feeling of acceptance to my clients every year. There are some things that I've learned though. 

1. One photoshoot isn't going to magically change your life. It's a constant battle to fight that dark voice in your head that's telling you you're not good enough, or the constant influence of images in media showing you an ideal body or face. A photoshoot is a stepping stone on the journey of self-love and acceptance.

2. The key to a successful shoot is to cut yourself some slack. The goal is to capture YOU and your vessel as it is now so that it can be accepted and celebrated. I like to remind people that I am not a magician or a plastic surgeon. If we spend the day doing hair and makeup, putting on something gorgeous, and setting you up on a backdrop or set, and you still feel like you hate how you look wen the final image comes, please ask yourself why you are being so critical of yourself. Why don't you deserve kindness?

3. This becomes addictive! Many of my clients turn this into a hobby, because while it is not the cure all, it definitely helps maintain body acceptance. 

4. Going full nude is the key! What do you do when you're already putting yourself in a vulnerable state to gain some of your power and self-worth back? Get butt naked. I promise you, you will never feel more powerful and in control of yourself than when you no longer have the safety net of clothing holding you back. It's just you, and you is awesome. Plus it's so easy to style!

I have so much more I could talk about, but to keep this brief and wrap it up nice- consider giving yourself the gift of self love, acceptance, kindness, and exploration this year.


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