Hi! My name is Keely, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm a fiercely body positive pin up, boudoir, and alternative modeling photographer who has been serving the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio areas for the past 10+ years. In my studio space I like to focus my energy on creating an atmosphere that nurtures everyone to be comfortable in their own skin, and to provide an escape from the pressures of the outside world.

I grew up in a very art-centric household, with two incredibly creative theater-degree-holding parents who gave me the opportunity to learn, try, fail, learn again, and succeed as an artist from a very young age. Like many artistic kids, I started off being very interested in making things with my hands. I wanted to spend time sculpting, crafting, painting, or drawing. Growing up around theater, I was constantly surrounded by something that was going into the theatrical production. I would often sit in on my mom during play rehearsal, watched her make costumes, or visit my dad as he built sets and adjusted lighting instruments. While in high school, I got to really experience all of these elements myself, and also during this time I picked up a camera and started exploring digital photography. It started with being the historian of my drama club, then morphed into shooting modeling images for my friends as well as doing their senior portraits.

I wish I could sit here and tell you I spent those first few years really killing it as I learned the basics, even after I invested in my first DSLR, but that isn't the case. While I improved my knowledge, I never really found my groove or where my work really fit into the industry. It wasn't until I met my now sister-in-law, burlesque dancer Champagne Shock, that I discovered the beautiful world of pin up, boudoir, and conceptual photography. I was hooked immediately, and I never looked back! 

While my only hold over from my early photography days is shooting weddings, my heart is definitely in production value and creating fantasies. As a plus size woman, I also love providing spaces where women of different ages, sizes, and backgrounds can come and learn to love themselves again in a very fun way. My sets are hand curated and/or built by hand. I hate photoshopped stock backgrounds, and I do everything in my power to make my clients feel like they're stepping into another world instead of standing in front of a green screen.

I often say that we never really grow out of being the little kids who want to dress up in fun costumes and transporting ourselves into another character, and the pin up worlds is exactly where you can explore all the things your inner child wants. So please, poke around my website, check out my Instagram (@brujabettypinup), and reach out to me to start discussing your dream session with me today!

Looking forward to meeting you, babe!